Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gone Quilting

Friday the 14th David and I took off for our favorite catfish and fixin’s. It just happens to be 56 miles away but it’s all good. $10 for all you can eat and tea to drink plus the good company of our friends Larry and Silvia.  After dinner we all headed to Buffalo Creek Winery outside Bellville to listen to one of our favorite Texas Music artist Max Stallings and his wife Heather who plays a mean fiddle. David’s boss and wife also joined us for the show. The venue is open and we sat outside. It started off a little warm but cooled off after the sun went down just enough to make it bearable.
David got up early Saturday morning the 15th and headed to the farm to do some work. He has already made arrangements with Pamela to stay at her place that night. He decided sleeping outside even at night was a little too warm to be acceptable for sleeping. Smart man! After working in the sun and heat he needs at least to be comfortable and get a good night sleep. I stayed home to vacuum the house and pack for my quilt retreat. This retreat was the 5th one I’ve organized and I’m not sure how organized I was this time but we had fun.
Sunday the 16th… Yahoo it’s retreat time. Got my car loaded and I’m off to meet my Quilting friends.
We can’t check in to the retreat until 5pm so we meet at Las Fuentes Mexican restaurant for margarita’s and an early dinner. This was the first of the group to arrive for early dinner. The rest will meet us at the retreat later.

What better way to start our week long retreat of fun, laughter, lots of creativity, more laughter and maybe an adult beverage or two and field trips. 

Oh I should mention awesome food. For breakfast, brunch or lunch we are on our own. We got a little more organized and had a schedule of who was gonna provide food on those days plus there’s always snacks if you can’t wait.  

Margie of RR Retreats by Margie cooks dinner for us every night and it is always yummy. 

And she always provides a perfect ending with a yummy dessert. is an awesome place. 
Are you drooling yet?  I could use some of this refreshing dessert right now.

If you need a break you can walk outside on the porch take a seat and relax while enjoying
 the view of the country side and the sunsets are pretty awesome too.  
My picture doesn't even begin to capture the beauty of the sunset over the country side.

Oh and did I mention we took a field trip. Well maybe 2. Yep we took not one but 2 field trips. Both of them going to Gerlines Quilt Shop in Giddings. She's going out of business. She's ready to slow down and only quilt. She's keeping that part of the business going. Hey if you have the time you need to go. Her sale is good thru September 30th. 50% off fabric. Her cost! She has some great fabric. 
 Quilt retreat #1 to Gerline's in Giddings.  That's Gerline cutting Megan's fabric. She's starting her stash. We went back for 2nd trip to Gerlines. We just couldn't pass up the great bargins.

Here’s a few pictures from retreat but if you want to see all you can click Here  

 You might look close at this Sunbonnet Sue Quilt. One the Girls couldn't resist it. At a glance it's really cute but can you quilter's catch what's wrong with this quilt.

It took me a minute and then it was so obvious.......

Figured it out yet?
Look at her arms, the hat and dress..................................
The apron should open to the back.. her arms are facing the back and her bonnet is on backwards.  
Below is what the block should look like when done correctly.

Cindy couldn't pass on the quilt for a conversational piece.
A finish for Donna Lynn ..... Granny Squares I think it's called.  Too cute

Our newest retreater Kathy is left with one block. With the roll of the dice she gets to keep it.  We toss 3 dice.
R  -   L  -  C    Right  Left  Center. We all start with 3 Fat quarters and the last one standing wins the bowl with all the Fat quarters.
Our theme was Christmas. 
This is a fun game. It keeps us laughing trying to remember the rules. How many dice to roll who gets to roll or who doesn't and just when you think you're out of the game the person next to you passes you a Fat Quarter.
And the winner is Sandy for the 2nd retreat in a row. Lucky girl.
 Our new greeter. Mr Wiggles only Mr Wiggles is a girl. She belongs to the lady that lives next door of the retreat. Mr Wiggles was very loving.
 Here's Megan our youngest quilter. She finished this cute piece and started another.

And ready to start quilt top #2

I don't remember who actually snapped this picture. I was sewing the binding on Pamela's quilt then Judy, Ellen and Kathy circled up for the photo

This is the quilted border that I added to the quilt that was already quilted. Came out pretty good thank good. At least that's what all the girls tell told me. 

And here's the quilting by Donna's Lavender Nest on the whole body of the quilt.
Here's the whole quilt.  All complete.
Meet the Material Girls

 Ellen jumped out and had me stand in and she took a picture so I could be included.

Judy taught the girls how to make Wine glass slippers. Something I need to finish and mail to a friend of mine. I owe her a something homemade and crafty

 Sandy on her way to finishing another quilt.

Pat left me the rest of her bottle of wine when she left Thursday at lunch time.
I didn't want to disappoint her and not drink it. Our last night. bummer but a nice ending.
No one got sick and no one cut off any body parts.

This is just a piece of the whole fabric for a baby quilt for my expecting Niece and Nephew in Missouri.  I had texted her and asked for her colors which this fabric had but it also had orange and that wasn't in the list but she texted back that she loved it.

I hope she still loves it when she see the completed quilt. ;o)

I can't thank all the girls who went on retreat enough. For their support, contributions of food, door prizes, talent and most of all friendship and laughter. And Thanks to Margie for a great place to have our retreat, her great cooking, her friendship and great talent and least I not forget Jim her side kick and soul mate. It was great getting to know him this retreat. He added the spice at dinner time. LOL. Awesome guy. Since his retirement from Mustang, Margie has had him hard at work on the retreat. See y'all again in 2016.

I can’t say I knocked much off my to do list since my daughter keeps adding things too it. But I did finish everything for her bedroom. Quilt, Dust Ruffle, Shams and Deco Pillows all done.
I left the retreat and headed to Pamela's. I had the bed all made by the time Pamela came home.
 I think she was pleasantly surprised.
Her daddy came up the next day with Lilley to help hang some final pictures. 

I was happy to see my Lilley girl
and she rode home that Sunday the 23rd with her mommy.

Since being home I have got 2 more quilts cut out and a ¼ of two more. I don’t have much time to cross some older projects off my list so I must get busy. I'll share my list next time

Until next post The love of quilting is our common bond


donna said...

Carla retreat was a blast. It is sew much fun to get you gals and laugh, sew, laugh, eat, laugh, drink, laugh. Thank you for such a wonderful time.
Pam room looks great. Love how you finished her quilt.

Linda said...

Oh, Carla!!! What a great post and what a good time you had!!! You alwasy know how to have fun and everyone loves to be around YOU! I know I do!
Pam's room looks beautiful and it means even more that you made it that way!!
I paint. I do not quilt. However, YOU make me WANT to!!!