Friday, March 13, 2015

Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate

Me, Leonard, Ashley and Samara
We're always ready for fun around the office if it's possible. February 27th was declared rodeo day so everyone dressed accordingly.
Kia our receptionist, Me and Ashley

Wednesday night the 4th David and I went to Main Street Crossing in Tomball with our friends the Ragans to listen to a country billy group called "Two Tons of Steel"  They are awesome. Almost before they finish one song they transition into the next song. Their sound makes your toes start tapping and ready to dance. Check out the bass player Jake. He taught himself out to play.

Celebrated Pam's birthday on the 2nd,
 then Lilley's 5th birthday on the 4th 
and then mine on the 5th. 
Pamela came home so we could celebrate together. She got home on my birthday Thursday and we both had hair appointments. Pamela and I both have lots of hair and we give Brittany a work out coloring and cutting our hair. And as my hair gets longer it takes her even longer to color. But she does a great job. If you're in the Tomball area and you need a good color and/or cut call Trendsetters on 249 and ask for Brittany.

I love the people I work with. They made me feel very special. They decorated my cubical, boss provided breakfast food, another supplied OJ and fruit and another brought a cake. 
I felt like a princess. Crown and all LOL. This crown came from the rodeo a couple years back and has come in handy for birthdays. 

A picture was snapped of the inventory boss Leonard with the crown on for his birthday. 

Thank goodness he is good natured and ready for fun but then I may still get shot for posting his picture now

Since it was my birthday Thursday the 5th David said we could go out to eat at Gringos. Yum. We did have to wait for a table but not long. I hadn't even finished my first margarita when we got seated. Now their margaritas really are potent. I hesitated when he asked if I wanted another but I figured what the hell it's my birthday. We had the waiter of all waiters. He was prompt and funny. Very funny. His name was Cortney and he goes yes that is the name on his drivers license. He was talking to the people behind us about his momma when he started talking about his momma being really old.  Really old?
Now I'm looking at this young man thinking she can't be older than me. So damn I must be really really old. So I turned and asked him just how old his momma is and he says she's really old again. Again I asked what is he calling really old.... finally he goes 59. We all start laughing and he goes she older than you and that's when I inform him I'm really old like his momma. His come back was I had just turned 59 and she's been 59 a long time. LOL.  Silly Boy. After the 2 margaritas I was still able to walk to the car but I did have a buzz. I must be getting used to them because the first couple of times I had 2 I couldn't get off the curb of the side walk. It was too high. LOL
The waiter comped me and Pamela each an ice cream to go with our margarita's. Yum

Friday night we left Pamela with the dogs while David and I headed out to the La Torretta Resort and Spa on Lake Conroe for a weekend of wedding adventures. I might have felt bad about leaving her but she had plans with one group of friends on Friday and another group of friends on Saturday. And I do believe from the stories she had plenty of fun without us.

Any way Friday night for us was the Welcome Dinner with family and friends honoring the Avni and Matt the bride and groom. The meal was Mexican food with a couple of Indian dishes available and an open bar. Matt is the son of one of the Bell Gang members. The first Bell gang wedding for an offspring. I'm sure there will be more to come as time rolls on. There was one other Bell Gang member there on Friday night but more were to arrive tomorrow.
 In case you've forgotten the Bell Gang consists of David's friends who he grew up with and worked at Taco Bell.  
My husband wore a tire that night that 
only he could pull off.
 Several walked up and said "love your tie" and then they saw what was really on it.  They laughed, shook their head and said "Only you David could pull this off"

Breakfast was served at 7am Saturday morning of which I passed on. When my alarm went off I told David I didn't think I cared to go to breakfast. I was tired. But by 8:20 I was up and dressing for the wedding that was to begin around 9:15-9:30am. We made our way down to the lobby to find the grooms procession gathering. What I haven't shared with you is that this was a traditional Indian wedding (brides side) followed by a brief Christian ceremony and ring exchange for the grooms side.
At 9:30am the music and drums began and the grooms procession began. Hands in the air waving down the pathway to the alter by the lake. Made me think of the new cartoon movie where the little alien is going.. "my hands are in the air and waving like I don't care".  And Yep this wedding was outside. Weather 43 degrees,light breeze (just enough to bring the chill factor down) no sun and no rain.
 The groom, bride, and family were in traditional Indian dress. So they had plenty of skin showing for the ladies. The Hindu priest was very informative giving us westerners a break down of what was going on and directing the Groom, Bride and their family what to do as the ceremony progressed.

The Grooms parents Pam and Kevin all decked out.

Did I mention that the priest was also funny. He made sure the photographers took plenty of pictures and if he wanted a particular picture he'd pose Avni and Matt and would go "hey buddy take a picture". 

The flowers were beautiful. Large rose arrangements were at the end of every 2 or 3 rows of chairs and a path of rose petals on each side of the pathway that the bride would walk down. The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome.
There were 3 Bell Gang members with their wives present at the wedding. Two other members misunderstood and didn't make the actual wedding but would show up for the reception that would begin at 7pm that night and one Bell Gang member was out of town. During the wedding one of the guys phone started talking. It was funny because he couldn't figure out how to shut it up. The whole time his wife was going just sit on it..You know how when your phone is in your pocket you never seem to hear it and that's what she was hoping for.  LOL  It was one of those moments where you had to be there to get the full effect..
After the wedding ceremony we waited for lunch to be served. A traditional Indian lunch from the region of India that Avni's family was from. No clue what we were actually eating but I tried a little of everything. Some of which I really liked and some not so much but it was an awesome experience.
  You know the saying it doesn't take a rocket scientist.... Well maybe not but the grooms grandparents were true Rocket Scientists. The both worked at NASA. They had some great stories. The picture is of the grandmother and one of the stories she told us was about the monkey they sent into space. How they would reward the monkey with banana's and fruit every time he performed the proper task. Only when the monkey came back to earth and they offered him a banana he threw it back at them. We figured the Monkey was saying "Aww Hell No you ain't sending me back up there!"  
We sat around the table talking, catching up and laughing for almost 2 hours after we finished eating then we went back to the room to take a nap. Well some of us did. Two of the gals, Kathy and Lisa went bird watching and saw a bald eagle. How cool is that!
That evening at the Wedding Celebration (reception) all but one of the Bell Gang members was present.  It was party time. Open bar and lots of dancing music. And of course when David and all his buddies get together there's always entertainment and lots of laughter.
We cleaned up nicely if I do say so myself.

Meet the Bell Gang
Kevin (grooms dad), Gary, David, Fred, Carter & Billy

And their wives
Denise (Gary)
Kathy (Fred)
Lisa    (Carter)
Pam (grooms mother) (Kevin)
Me     (David)
Cheryl  (Billy)

What a great group! We missed Tommy and MaryBeth but this group carried on.. lol
We got up Sunday and had breakfast with Carter and Lisa before checking out and heading home. My throat was starting to feel that tickle that makes you cough and thought Oh No this can't happen there's more to come and I can't get sick.

That evening David took Pamela and I to the Taste of Texas for our birthdays. Mouth watering good. Tender steaks, awesome salad bar and family time. We only make it to the Taste of Texas on our Birthday and Anniversary. David's wallet can't afford us going every time we turn around but that's okay because then it wouldn't be a special treat. We all went home with our tummies full and satisfied.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention who we saw at the hotel.....
I was sitting in the car while David checked us in on Friday and started noticing there was a lot of men and women in red. And the men all had white beards................................
OMG it's Santa Santas. Yes plural. Lots of them. It was the Lone Star Santa Convention. I've never seen so many Santa's in one place.
They were singing Rudolf and Jingle Bells in this picture.

Great ending to the week except for the tickle in my throat. Please don't let me be getting sick.

I have a trip planned.

Until next blog post....When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. Joyce Brothers


KaHolly said...

Wow, Carla! That was one busy post! You must have been exhausted when all was said and done!

KaHolly said...

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday!

Handywoman said...

What a great wedding and story! Even Santa showed up, can't beat that with a stick! I hope you didn't end up sick and it was just all the boozing you did! Again, you have more fun than anyone I know, you really old lady!

Linda said...

I have said it before and I say it again!!!! You two have SO much fun!!!
Loved that picture of you together!!!
I always enjoy reading about your latest adventures - both here and on Facebook!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. Hope you had a great birthday and to Pam and Lilley too. Sounds like you had fun at the wedding and you are right! You both clean up real good..Happy Weekend..Judy