Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Rocking K Farm was born

BIG BIG NEWS.........We did it! All the stars finally aligned and we found the property we really liked. We neogiated the price which the buyer keep saying I'm not budging but finally we found a price we could all live with and we've been under contract since December 10th. Since that time we got our loan approved and have been waiting on the appraisal. Oh boy that was a bummer. The appraisal came back under the contracted price so back to neogiations we went. Again the buyer started off with well I'll just wait for a cash buyer, someone else or lease it back to the tree farmer. All we could think about was "Are we going to have to start over or do we look at our 2nd choice property"  Well at least the gas prices are now cheaper, like a whole $1plus cheaper and our 2nd choice property was across the street from 2 of David's co-workers which is a nice plus.
After 2 counter offers we got the price down and we were ready to close. . The closing for set for Thursday the 29th at 3pm. Aw not so fast buck-o. The day before closing we go a call that we needed a new survey. Really Really you couldn't have figure this out a little sooner. More money needed to get a new survey done. The old one was from 1978 so I guess it was due one. So closing had to be delayed.  They figured the Feb 9-11 would be the soonest the surveyor could have anything ready but to our surprise we got the survey on the 5th and closed Friday afternoon the 6th and the "Rocking K Farm" was established. YAY!! David has already designed us a sign. We had been thinking of names of which some I can't repeat but we thought this the best. Seeing how we like to sit on the patio now in the rocking chairs with an adult beverage staring out at the water fountain we hope to be doing that at the Rocking K Farm when we can. Our loan officer Jason from Lone Star Ag Credit and Laura from Texas Country title were awesome. One of the fastest closings I think we've ever done. These two made it easy and painless. Well almost painless until took that downpayment/closing cost check. LOL And of course I have to say Thanks to our long time realtor and friend Barbara Borchers.
Us and the Creditor now own 14.01 acres of  land with a barn, a well, 2 - 5000gal water storage tanks, electicity, completely fenced, a stocked pond and a nice entrance.
Did I mention that this property used to be a tree farm so there is literally irrigation about every 3 feet. So we shouldn't have any problems keeping new trees or a garden watered. LOL
This is an aerial view from when it was a tree farm. That was a lot of trees. In the picture it shows the pond to be a nice oval shape and small. Well now it's more the shape of an "h" with curve back. Need an aerial view of it today.

The entrance will get some changes like the removal of cactus.
While right now it looks good but I'm not so sure about cactus as they get bigger.
The bones of the entrance to the property are our style. Pamela and I found the pumpkin and and totally missed watermelon patch next to it. Easy access from the highway, nice properties all around, nice views, It's not hill country views but there are plenty of elevation changes and the views are nice. We'll only be 40 minutes from College Station and probably just as easy to get to my mom if not easier, it's centrally located for us to get to all the the things we like to do and go do and best of all it's ours. It's located in Gause, TX about 11 miles west of Hearn or 18 miles southeast of Cameron.
We want to get a small cabin or trailer to put on it so we can go up on weekends to hang out and do small improvements as time goes along until we can actually build our home we'll retire to. Can you tell I'm excited? And yes Sandy B. I'll be closer to you but you have to wait 2 years and 10 months unless you catch me on weekends. LOL Here's a few pictures.
 This picture was taken standing at the barn looking back down the lane to the entrance.

Most of the pictures were taken back in Novemeber and December
 This is the barn showing the two large water storage tanks. David would like to move them to the back of the back but we don't know if that's possible. We'll find out.

If you want/care  to see more pictures you can click Here.
We went up last weekend but I didn't take many new pictures. Will wait until spring when things are pretty and green because right now things are pretty brown.

Did take pictures of the catfish in the pond. 

We went down and fed them. HOLY COW can you see how big they are! 
From the moment we tossed in the food they came fast. You could see the wake before you saw them. Can you see it in the pictures?

David is living up to the name ....the Rocking K Farm. Taking a break and rocking in our rocking chairs he bought for the farm. No adult beverage in hand now. 

While at the property we got to meet our neighbor and her little girl to the east. They just moved into their newly built house in December. She was able to give us the low down on the neighborhood and give us numbers of contractors we'll be needing as time goes on. Her husband was at work but she and her little girl were really nice. Sounds like we'll have some nice neighbors when we're there full time. At least 3 of our neighbors are related to her.  I'm looking forward to being there full time but for now I must complete my time at work.

Okay I have a couple of tops at the quilters finally. I'm making some progress on my Project List. I have two ready for binding. Hope to get them done by the weekend and get them sent off to their new homes.
Oh Crap....Nooooo almost a big creative disaster. Well okay maybe not but it felt like to me. 
My design wall fell over. Yeah so you say, well it had all the Kaffe Fasset blocks laid out for Pamela's guest room in the order she chose.
Thank God for cell phone camera's. I had taken a couple of pictures of the layout but I was missing some areas so thankfully Pamela had taken a shot that gave me a clear view and I was able to reconstruct the layout. A permanent design wall mounted on the wall is one of my goals in the house we build in my new quilt room. With the pictures I was able to rebuild the quilt. Whew!

While on our trial run to Cameron where we were to close on the land we ran across this cute old truck. 

Had to take a picture of it.

Cute and vintage. LOL

Well that's it for now...
Until next blog....Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower – Hans Christian Anderson


Linda said...

Congratulations! I am SO happy for you guys!

Richard said...

That is a very nice piece of property. Congrads.

Kathryn said...

AWESOME! Looks like a really pretty place - can't wait to visit.

KaHolly said...

That's so great! Congratulations!

Art and Sand said...

Well, are you over the top crazy with excitement?

How fun! But, 14 acres would scare the bejezzies out of me. That's a lot of land to take care of.

I don't have cable, but I just discovered Fixer Upper online and enjoyed seeing Waco, Texas homes being fixed up. Texas is huge - I have only been to Dallas - so I have no idea what part of Texas you are in.

Have fun visiting your land on the weekends!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Great news! You must be so excited! I do hope you'll share every little thing you do at the farm.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

gorgeous property...How exciting now that all of the problems with closing are in the past...Congratulations


Handywoman said...

LOVE the property, so jealous....chickens, need to get chickens!!!! Glad to see that you still have time to quilt from time to time. :)