Friday, December 5, 2014


Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving day.  I know I did. We spent the day at David's sisters home. It was a beautiful day to spend time with my Texas Family. Wish I could have seen my Missouri family too darn it. So did you rush out and start shopping that day or Black Friday? I SURE DID NOT. I hate to shop unless it's a fabric store. 
What can I say... I have to start shopping now though or it will be a very unhappy Christmas. My sister-in-law Glenda put on a nice spread.

All the food was so yummy. I tried to behave and not over eat.

Cousins........ My daughter is the one on the far right. 

The girls took this selfie. I love this picture. They're beautiful girls 

Mom and I took our own selfie.

We went out Saturday to see a piece of property with our Realtor so we could actually get on the land and walk around. Cross your fingers this might be the one, Once I know if it will become ours then I'll share pictures but trust me its really nice and in the vicinity of my target area.
While out we stopped in Bryan to see a lot where ..... a house will be built for... Pamela. Yep she's entering another phase of adult hood. We're scared and excited for her.

When I post a blog I email certain folks so they'll know when a new post is ready to read. And yes I know they can sign up on bloglovin or email to following but they haven't. I don't remember totally how it started but I set up a group email to make it easy for some. Can't remember if they asked me to or if I was so excited to share that I just emailed and have continued to do so. On the last email I sent out I got an email back for "email non-delivery notification" indicating something was wrong and someone didn't get the email. I thought well hell what did I screw up then I saw....... it was my Step-Mother Carolyn's email. RIP.
Got all weepy and sad realizing I had not gone in and removed her email from the group list.
 I keep thinking 
I need to call Carolyn about Christmas gifts but obviously I can't. 
I know the old saying of "Life ain't fair" but she was taken too suddenly and out of the blue. 

Makes it hard to grasp when there was no chance for good bye's. 
Guess I'll have to call my Little Sister and bug her.

Good news Bad/Sad news. 

  • Monday GOOD - David went to A&M to help Pamela choose flooring etc for her future home. She put money down on a house to be built in Bryan. In Pamela's own words "Momma I brought a house... OH SHIT what did I just do" LOL then she was excited again. She is just like her dad. All in the moment and then reality sets in.  There was a small snafu but it all worked out and some time in June-July 2015 she'll be an official homeowner. Excited and Scared for her.
  • Monday-Tuesday BAD - actually heart breaking. I noticed our little guy was having some issues. Keep in mind he just turned 18 on Halloween. That's pretty old for a dog. So I took him to the Vet Tuesday Morning. I was there for almost 3 1/2 hours but the ultimate decision was that his quality of life when I thought about it sucked I had to let Dexter go.
    That was the hardest decision to make for our furry family member. We got him as a used dog when he was a year old and he's been my constant companion. He's given our family unconditional love, entertainment and companionship. 
  • Thursday today AWESOME - Dad got results of some test he had to take on Monday. The cancer is gone. Nothing in his blood or lymph nodes and his blood clot has remained the same..and it seems gives him some pain at times.. He can't stop treatments the doctor said because in truth those nasty cancer cells are just hiding waiting to come back with a vengeance.  They type of cancer he was diagnosed with was very aggressive. He starts another round of post cancer treatments on next Monday which is suppose to be really rough on him but Dad has remained optimist and positive. My little sister Jerri Lynn has told him that if at any time he chooses to stop treatment it's his decision and we'll have to respect his choice. I think paraphrased what my little sister posted on facebook pretty well. So keep those prayers coming for his continued upbeat positive attitude, for his heart health to hold up, and that his discomfort as minimal as possible.
That's it for this post. Hopefully next post will be more fun and quilty for everyone.  Me and the Lilley girl are off to bed. I schedule this baby to post around 1 and I hope to be fast asleep. One more day and it will be the weekend. Yippee.

Until next post...Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."   ~ Albert Einstein


Handywoman said...

The good news was over the top awesome, I am so happy to hear about your dad! The sad/bad news made me cry.... I'm sorry, I completely understand how you feel.
I miss you at the guild meetings... are you ever coming back?

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll be out shopping tomorrow. Not to much to do. The Grandkids gave a good list...:)

Linda said...

I love catching up with you! Pam a HOMEOWNER!!! Oh, dear!! SHE has grown up!!! I lost a dear friend years and years ago. She was 63 when I met her - and I was 15! She lived to know and be loved by ALL four of my children. For years after she was gone - she dies at 93 - I would think, "I need to call Mrs. Morrison!"
I am so sorry about Dexter. He was a very special dog!

Linda said...

I forgot to say - I LOVE Logan's quilt!!!! LOVE! love! Love! LOVE it!!!!