Monday, April 7, 2014

Energizer bunny is getting slower

I think I'm almost happy the month of March is over. Things have started to slow down almost anyway. March was a really busy month for me. I packed as much into the month as I can possibly could.

Remember our friends who had the quadruplets?
 That was back in 2012. Amber made it about 2 mores after this picture. And this is when Mike and Amber began next phase of their life with four beautiful babies.
These pictures pictures I'm sharing are from Amber's album. This picture was back in November 2013. These little cuties change a little every day. L-R Harrison, Kailey, Trystan and Logan and of course Dad Mike and Mom Amber.

Anyway I recently got to meet the the Quadruplets in person. Yep I met them for the first time. They have changed so much from the picture above. More hair, taller and moving faster. The family had come to Houston for a visit. Big endeavor if you ask me when dealing with four little darlings in a car and in a strange home. Hard to believe they will be 2 years old this May.  And they wait patiently for their quilts.
The Baby Bells had had a long day so they were getting tired by the time we all got together at a mutual friends home for dinner so they were off to bed shortly after dinner. 
This is Logan and Trystan. Their strollers were the make shift high chair so Uncle Mark and their Dad could feed them. Trystan was the recipient of my latest quilt I finished while at retreat. 

I didn't get a picture snapped of Harrison or Kailey. All four were so very busy exploring. Momma was pooped from chasing as was the daddy. Amber collapsed in bed when putting the little ones to bed. It was a great night with friends and good food. Just mad at myself for not snapping more pictures. It was great seeing the Bells even if it was for a short time.

Last Wednesday we hit one of our favorite music venues, Puffabelly's to get our fix of Davin James and his guest artist Thomas Michael Riley. They were on a roll. Very Entertaining and awesome music! Oh and not to mention good food.

Pamela came home Friday the 28th so we could go to her old room-mate Kelsey's wedding. What a night. It took 2 1/2 hours to get from our house in Tomball to the bride's parents home in Willis. Traffic was horrible and it was pouring down rain. It was not looking good because the wedding was being held outside and it was suppose to start at 7pm and we weren't even close to getting there. By the time we arrived around 7:38 the rain stopped and the wedding was able to start. Perfect timing. 
The wedding and the setting was very pretty. And of course the Bride was beautiful. And every beautiful Texas Bride needs her boots.

It's for sure pretty white heels would not have worked at this wedding.  After the rain the grounds were not exactly without mud.
These two are so cute.

Kelsey was my daughter's roommate at A&M for 3 years.
They had a lot of good times.

And they were always so silly. And they still are.
It turned out to be a lovely evening.

I am excited to say I have been able to cross off a couple of items on my Project List.
Quad quilt #2 top complete, quilted, binding  mailed

2013 taxes for us and Pamela  yippee Not! 
Quad quilt #3 top being quilted
Quad quilt #4
my last 2 handmade items from a Facebook post. Did 3 but have 2 more to create
Carolyn's quilt top complete  quilted, binding mailed
Jaxon's quilt
Sandy's quilt
Flag quilt
Pamela's quilt
Pamela's tshirt quilt
Nickie's Tshirt quilt
postcards are an ongoing project
A tool pouch for David's motorcycle
Allan's quilt
phi mu auction quilt
valence for den
valence for dining room
valence for breakfast room
create more bookmarkers
create some mug rugs
new pillow covering for pam - 2
pillow cases for guest room
valence for master bath
hobo quilt
Bible Quilt
open a pattern I bought and actually make it.
start reading again

Well until next blog post..... The adventures continue.


Linda said...

I say you need to put in some fresh batteries! Thats quite a list but one thing about it ~ you will nwver be bored !
Glad you got to mwet my grand quads!

Amber B. said...

It was good to see y'all - even if I was running around like a crazy woman!! And we LOVE the quilts, they quads play with, cuddle with and lay on the two you have given them already every day. Right now, they stay in the play room by demand. :) You are so talented and thoughtful!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

My batteries could use a recharge as well. We are in College Station right now taking care of my oldest granddaughter while my daughter takes a well earned vacation. Love the boots.

donna said...

What a beautiful family. My niece wore boots under her wedding dress to. You have some list of projects my friend. Looks like you may need a little help.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a fun post babies and weddings we love them! I am exhausted just thinking about chasing 4 kids! What fun!


Handywoman said...

OMGosh....the list, looks like mine! I've been busy too. Now that the Quilt show is over, I finally have time to do a few things I've been meaning to get to as well. Let's have a race and see who gets done first???? :)