Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some People, Some Music and Babies

Well I have this co-worker who is thinking he wants to move and asked me if I knew a reliable Realtor. Well of course I gave him my friend Barbara's card and said she's older than dirt and she knows her stuff backwards and forwards. I mean she's been in the business 30+ years. She'll be beside you every step of the way. Oops did I say older than dirt and did I mention that the co-worker imitates my laugh and gives me a bad time every chance he gets. 
And to think I put these two together. And Roland looks so sweet and innocent but the devil is sitting on his shoulder.Boy was that a mistake. 
A couple of weeks ago Barbara sent me this email that she thought she had some how offended Roland because by the end of the day of looking at houses he became less talkative and almost cold. These two had conspired and made up this story to see what I'd do. 
And would you look at this...She too has a little devil on her shoulder
Well their little prank back fired because before I ever read the email Roland blew his cover. LOL  Then Then he tells Barbara that he can imitate my laugh and Barbara had to admit it sounded like me. I may never laugh again...  And to think I call these two bRats my friend. LOL

Ahhh finally we get to thaw out. Winter in Houston has been it's usual bi-polar self. Mother Nature needs to adjust her meds.  And now they're talking about the temps dropping into the 30's this Wednesday evening. Ahh come on I'm enjoying the 70 temps. Plants and trees are starting to bud. In fact some trees have already started flowering.

Last Wednesday David and I went to Puffabelly's to check out Davin Jame's guest musician ~ Larry Joe Taylor.  
It was a great show. Davin goes to Stephensville a couple of times a year to play in Larry Joe's festival and after Wednesday I'd like to go at least once so it's on our agenda of things to do. 

Twinkle, twinkle tiny light,
little eyes that shine so bright,
a precious baby from heaven above,
fills our hearts with so much love

Now this must have been Baby Weekend. My Co-worker Ashley had her baby girl Saturday. Aria made her grand entrance 6 weeks early. Yep 6 weeks but no preemie clothes for this little darling. They said if she'd delivered full term Aria probably would have weighted closer to 11 lbs. Wow. 

Here's Mom and Baby not long after delivery. It's a mini Ashley! She also has mom's long fingers and toes. ;o) I wonder if she'll have Ashley's Betty Boop lips? Time will tell.

Since Aria is premature they had to put her in NICU to help control her body temperature and help her breath until her lungs develop. She's improving each day in great strides.
She's a feisty little thing outside the womb too.
Sometimes for entertainment wee'd sit at lunch time and watch Ashley's stomach for movement. Ashley would put her phone on her stomach and Aria would kick it off. 

A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. ~ Edna L. Le Shan

Ahh finally yesterday Momma and Daddy got to hold their baby girl. And today she is down to one tube. YAY

One of Pamela's high school friends had her baby on Saturday and 2 of her friends from College Station/Bryan had theirs. These babies were running late unlike Aria who was ready to greet the world early.  Babies Babies everywhere.

If you're in the Houston/Cypress Area come on out to the Berry Center on Barker Cypress to the Best Little Big Quilt show in town. Tri County Quilt Guild is having their 3rd Quilt Show Friday the 28th and Saturday March 1st. We have lots of talent in our guild and there will be around 180 quilts hanging to show off that talent plus lots of vendors. If you have a quilt that Aunt Betsy left or gave you and have wondered what it's worth send me a message and I'll set up an appointment for you. It only cost $40. 
There's all kinds of eye candy to see, touch and buy. Don't miss it!

I've not got very far on crossing off my list of completed WIP for February but I'll keep trying.
My List today of what I want to Accomplish (word for 2014) 

My project list to work on
Quad quilt #2 top complete, quilted now binding
Quad quilt #3 top complete ready to be quilted
Quad quilt #4
my last 2 handmade items from a Facebook post. Did 3 but have 2 more to create
Carolyn's quilt top complete, quilted
Jaxon's quilt
Sandy S's quilt
Flag quilt
Pamela's quilt
Pamela's tshirt quilt
Nickie's Tshirt quilt
postcards are an ongoing project
A tool pouch for David's motorcycle
Allan's quilt
phi mu auction quilt
valence for den
valence for dining room
valence for breakfast room
create more bookmarkers
create some mug rugs
new pillow covering for pam - 2
pillow cases for guest room
valence for master bath
hobo quilt
open a pattern I bought and actually make it.
start reading again

It's only taken me 3 days to complete this post. I'm off to Pokeno tonight. It's always fun to catch with friends I don't see but once a month. A little food, maybe a little drink of whatever, several rounds of pokeno and lots of conversation and laughter.

So until next Blog post..........“If you want to be happy, be” ~ Leo Tolstoy


donna said...

Geez you are a busy girl. Going to have to miss your guild's quilt show. Getting ready for Autunmns baby shower on Saturday. I know you will have a blast.

Sandra Windham said...

Hmmm. The joker becomes the jokee! I seem to remember a certain SOMEONE sending a strange man to pull me out of my contract signing meeting at the district...scaring a brand-new teacher to death! He couldn't go through with the whole thing, because of the look on my face! lol

Handywoman said...

awww what a sweet little one! And your list is longer than mine. I feel much better about my WIPs now! I hope you get them all done too.