Monday, January 6, 2014

What can I say

Don't go into shock now. I mean I'm posting again but I hope to keep a little more current if possibly. Probably won't be so good when I go back to work on Monday but I'm gonna try.

Since I've never been at a hospital on a Holiday I never knew the nurses dressed up or celebrated the holiday. I thought they came to work in their scrubs and that's it.  I'm sure the nurses at Scott & White in College Station brought a smile to those new mom's and other patients. I'll probably be in trouble if Pam sees this post. What a dork but she's my cutie.

When I got the mail today something neither one of us had done in a couple of days. Oops. Mail box was rather full. But it one envelope I found a neat surprise. My friend Sandy B. sent me a cute pin cushion. Such a sweet lady she is. Thanks Sandy!!
Saturday I met my mom for a bit of shopping and lunch leaving David at home to his own devices. I was looking for a half round table that would be no deeper than 14 inches and in oak but found nothing that would work. I did manage to find a spiffy toilet brush holder. LOL. It looks like a cowboy boot which does fit our decor.  Now David was on a mission. For the last 2 weeks he has been searching the internet for car he could work on and built to his liking. He went to looking at a couple cars. Guess
what I saw when I came home and opened the garage.............
Yep he came home with a 1990 5.0 Ford Mustang. Meet Mustang Sally. She can haul ass as David proved to me when we took a quick  test drive to get gas. Now get this....he bought this little beauty from cop. No big deal except that the cop let David drive off with this car with an expired inspection and tags and of course no insurance. Holy shit! David drove it almost 75 miles passing plenty of cops back to our house. We went back an hour later to pick up Black Beauty. So I live in a household of 2 drivers and 5 vehicles. 1 being a motorcycle. While this new little baby looks great and runs he has plenty of things to tighten and tweaked. Like it needs a headlight that works. LOL but David is in his element and a happy camper. What more could I ask for ...than a happy husband.
Sunday David and I took off and went to visit Pamela so that Pamela and I could take David out for his birthday dinner. He's a Christmas Baby and Pamela wasn't home long enough to fit in a dinner at that time. We ended up at a place called Nappa Flats. Really good! It's a wood fired kitchen. I'll go back to eat there again no problem and so will David. Hated to leave Pamela but Dexter was home getting hungry and we had to get ready for a week at work.

Yep its back to work I go after 2 weeks off.  
This is gonna be a long day. LOL

Have a great week Everyone!

Until next blog post.....Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.----Jack Buck



Sylvia said...

Good morning Carla,
Love the Winter look to your blog! We should be getting back to work and school too, but the snow is letting the kids stay out at least one more day. Not looking forward to the below-zero temps tomorrow.
Hope David enjoys his new toy. Looks like fun.
Have a wonderful day!

Art and Sand said...

I love the teddy bear in the last photo. I used to always feel that way at the end of Christmas break.

I think that my husband's mustang was a 1990. I remember when he came home with that car brand new without even telling me he was buying a car. I hated to drive it because it had too much power when I let up on the clutch.

Have a good week back at work.

Handywoman said...

OHGosh..your husband is the car!!!! and the cute News Years crown on your daughter. You are going to have to have a little partay at your house so we can all see all these great finds you are collecting!