Monday, December 16, 2013

Tis the Season...

Warning Photo heavy

Pamela came in the weekend of the 6th so we could go shopping that Saturday trying to finalize our Christmas shopping or at least put a pretty good dent in the process. Well she finished and I have just a couple more items I'd like to get to put under the tree for Mr. K and I think I can finish this week. Cross my fingers anyway. Yours too okay for extra good luck!

Pamela and I put up the tree. No Elf  tree/Christmas bush this year thank goodness. It was a really pretty tree but looked dwarfed in the hall with the high ceilings. LOL. This year David found a tree all by him self when he went to Home Depot His home away from Home. He did really good. Pamela picked us up a new Aggie ornament so it got a good spot on the tree. 
And now I need to put up/out the last of the decorations that I use in various locations. I'm not as good as my friend Linda in Dallas. If you click on her name it will take you to her blog. She is an awesome person with a zest for life. She has one whole wall of Santa's she herself painted over the years and every room is decorated. It is sooo pretty. I don't know how she does it. She is the Harvest Queen when it comes to fall decorating. She's always decorating, painting, crafting or handy work. On the Handy Work side I better give credit to the love of her life LD. These two are models for the energizer bunny.

Last year my Elf was just called Elfie but he wanted a better name so it's now Vinny since he's a vintage elf. He's as old as I am. As always he watched over the the tree decorating, 
hung out on the barn one day, Saturday nite he hung out in the kitchen where are the food was for a Christmas party 

then he checked out my reading shelf and found that I was a naughty reader.

Should I be blushing? Naaa
He only found 2 books because a friend borrowed Book 1 and Book 3 is about to travel down the road to another friend who wants to know how the series ends. 
Obviously I have several naughty friends too. LOL

This morning I found Vinny sniffing the wine corks. May have driven him to it after  reading excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey.

Several of David's co-workers had been asking when we were going to have a party so they could see the house and hang out on the patio but we were never quite ready to host a party. You know how that want things to looks good, there's lots of prep work involved and then how do you choose who to invite. So David asked what if we had a party for the holidays and I said sure. About a week before the party date he got angry with me because I didn't seem excited. Yikes I'm sorry but I always fret and worry internally about will people enjoy themselves, will they get along, will we have enough food, and does the house look okay.... So we invited all his co-workers and team along with 8 of my co-workers that I call the Lunch Bunch, a few of our very closest oldest personal friends, and a couple of family members. Well I got excited when everyone got there, I think everyone enjoyed themselves, no one looked bored and everyone was talking and I personally think the house looked just fine. YAY! Oh we had plenty of food!! Thanks to EVERYONE who contributed a tasty side, a desert or appetizer. And especially to our special Chef. Chef Kris deep fried up a mean batch well I should say batches of chicken. The seasoning was awesome and the chicken was cooked just right. One of my co-workers who doesn't particularly like fried chicken was "Wow this chicken is really good." So all the worry was worthless but the work was worth it.

Now we could have used less wind (20 mph wind gusts) and more heat for a party on the patio. David bought one heater and borrowed 2 from our friend Matt. THANKS Matt. The heaters worked like a charm. After everyone had left David and I were ready to collapse when I saw a present under the tree. 

Apparently a two little Elves put something under the tree. How Sweet! Aren't these bowls cute? Thanks Dave and Susan.

Until next Blog.... May all the sweet magic  Of Christmas conspire  To gladden your hearts
And fill every desire



Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. I have a few elves like Vinny. I think they must be of the same vintage. Only, I had mine when my KIDS were small, you had your's when YOU were small. Big difference but still just as much fun. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Art and Sand said...

The little elf is such a cute tradition. When I have my first grandchild, I am going to get an elf.

Your party looks like so much fun.

We were going to do a big party, but the day before Thanksgiving I got in my very first "fender bender" and the $500 deductible pretty much killed the party budget.

Handywoman said...

My goodness, so many posts from you, or maybe I'm just way behind on all the blogs I love to read. It was nice catching up with your Little of this and that :)