Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Wow can’t believe our weather. Normally we’re running our AC but not right now. This past weekend was a stay inside kinda weekend. It was wet and cold. Cold for Houston.  Saturday and Sunday was loaded with football and unfortunately none of my teams won. Grrrrr Now the Saturday after Thanksgiving is suppose to be in the 70's. And I wonder why I have sinus issues or get colds........

So I've been to a Baby Shower of a high school friend 
and fellow water polo player. 
Kelley is the cutest Little Momma to Bee. Got to see several folks I hadn't seen since Kelley's wedding. In fact I think that was the last time I saw Kelley
but I keep up with her on the social media Face book.
Then following weekend I went to a bridal shower for my daughters long time friend from elementary school. It's hard to image these girls growing up and getting married and having babies but it's happening.  It was a really nice shower. Here's the beautiful bride Marlaina with her beautiful Grandmother and Mom.

Since the quilt retreat I have been in sewing and pick up mode. Houston she found the floor again in the sewing room. I had tubs, baskets, fabric, and paperwork all over the floor. I had a path from the door to my desk and and even narrower path to my sewing table. I’m trying to reorganize my shelving and put things away. Of course that doesn't mean it will stay that way long or that I’ll be able to find it when I want it but it’s worth a try.
I managed to make Dexter a new place mat for his food and water bowl. I made it long enough so when Sophie comes to visit her bowl will fit too. Nothing fancy and not perfect but it looks much better than the white lament placement he's had for 16 years.
I also managed to complete a Christmas tree skirt for
 Pamela. Hope she likes it.  Dexter likes it. Nothing fancy or quilted but It does has a fun side with penguins and a more trendy side of black and white should she ever feel the need for a more trendy type skirt. I’m not sure trendy is the right word or should I say fancy, whatever.  The ruffle is toile with sparkles. Well those sparkles are glitter and guess where it’s at now.  ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Everywhere I walked glitter fell which was no good for the husband. He was rather upset because we had the all the tile floors cleaned the day before. 

And speaking of the tile.....OMG my tile and grout look like NEW. Glitter will vacuum up but not fast enough for David. I can’t mop for a week.I have used a swifter but glitter kept appearing off my clothing.

I still need to get two quilt tops quilted and work on 2-3 other quilts plus throw in some other sewing projects and I may actually put a dent in my stacked up projects.

So until next Blog post....... I'm a quilter (sorta) and my house is in pieces.


Handywoman said...

OMGosh...you are a busy girl! Love the tree skirt, both sides! Love the dog mat, I need one of those and never even thought of making one. The glitter...oh dear...been there done that, I avoid stuff with glitter on it for that reason. Just remember, it's not dirt...it's fairy dust and will bring David tons of good luck in the coming year...so says the fairy dust! Happy Thanksgiving!

Art and Sand said...

So were you the water polo player? Both my kids played.

You have inspired me to make a quilt for Lulu's water and food bowl to sit on,