Sunday, September 15, 2013

Look Out Magnolia

Look out Magnolia there's a new Chef in the town. 
Jeff Wetzel took over the Montgomery County Grill. Soon the name will be The Old Yellow House Cafe. 
Meet Jeff the new owner and chef.
He plans on bringing new tastes to the area and a new style.

David and I stopped here the a week ago Saturday evening on a whim. Had no clue if the food was gonna be any good or what they served. As walking in this couple were walking out and they told us the food was delicious. Okay sounds like we might have hit the jack pot. 

It's not a big place but it was packed with fresh, homemade tasty goodness.  While waiting to order the chef came out and talked with us for a while. He told us everything on the menu is made from scratch. We don't normally get appetizers but he was describing his fried mozzarella sticks and David decided we'd try them. So yummy. We decided to go for the special... 16oz Rib-eye with 2 sides and a salad. All this for $16.99. The steak was delicious and so were the sides. We're ready to go back and try this place again. In fact I think I'll try to go at lunch one Saturday when my mom and I are wanting something different.
You'll find this place one block just off 1774 and Nichols Sawmill Rd.
Actual address is
308 Commerce Street.

If you're in the area this place is a must try.

Until Next Blog...Complaints to the Cook…can be hazardous to your health !


Linda said...

Oh, how GOOD that place sounds! You and Dave have the best adventures!! I am driving down for a week at the beach with one of my sisters next week. We may try to stop there on our way either down or back.
It's always good to know where to get GOOD food!!

Handywoman said...

Oh Yum, definitely going to have to check it out. Thanks for the great post. It's hard to find places that actually "Prepare" food from "fresh".... biggest reason we don't eat out very often at all. Since I always cook from scratch it's hard to find restaurant food "delicious"! :)