Saturday, June 1, 2013


So I went to a retirement celebration last night after work at a local restaurant down the street called Del Pueblo. I sat with a fellow co-worker Ashley who looked all cute and decent.
Silly girl got to go home and change and then worried if she looked decent. We both decided we wanted a margarita and ordered a large. Whew! It was a large! I mean we were celebrating the retirement of our district technology superintendent and his secretary. We were expecting  one of our other co-workers to join us...(clearing of throat) Samara, but I guess she had a good excuse of no babysitter for not showing so we'll let her off the hook this time. I don't know though she might have been worried about hanging with me and Ashley seeing that we're so wild and crazy. Shirley who had retired in December sat down with us and our little group grew. We were laughing and talking when some one asked the Retiree Vicki how many margaritas she had to which she replied one. Uhh no you had two and she informed us that the second one was sitting over at the other table probably all melted and claimed they were pretty strong so I called her a wimp.  Oh and let me throw in here that our conversation had gotten very adult. We were talking about a certain series of books most all of us had read. Make's me think of the song lyric "It's getting hot in here". We laughed even harder when the retiring super came by and he asked if this was a woman's discussion and kept walking when we said oh yeah.  Anyway I do owe Vicki an apology sorta. Here's where the Oh Me OOOH My comes in. One of the district contractors had bought Shirley a margarita and them he bought Ashley and I a small margarita. Oh wow then it hit me and Ashley that that small margarita seemed to never ended. We did just finish the Large margarita. LOL. We had to sit and eat some chips for a while before we could even think of leaving. Okay Okay I admit it I'm a wimp too. I've noticed that it doesn't take much when I'm drinking margarita's to give me a buzz. Maybe I should stick to Corona. When we both felt okay we said our goodbye's and walked to our cars and promised to let each other know when we got home. We made it just fine. 
Back to the past. 
Now to catch you up on all the other latest. Pamela had come home the weekend before Mother's Day to celebrate which I told you about last time. So for Mother's day David and I met up with my parents at Harris County BBQ in Tomball for breakfast. If you've never tried their breakfast you should. Very tasty. David snapped this picture of Mom and I. 
The weekend was just too short
After working a mere 3 days it was time to head out for a quick trip. Which meant Mr. K had to take off work. Yay! 
Right after work Wednesday I went to the doctor all happy because the blood pressure had been running 124/76, yep that's good and I'd lost some weight but not much. Well my happiness was not so happy when they took my blood pressure of 154/82 but I actually lost 10 pounds more than what I had thought so I was able to keep my smile. Since the BP was down from what it had been doctor was happy but not happy enough so he added another pill to my collection. I'm gonna need a suit case if he keeps adding pills and shots(no not insulin). All this medication is still making me feel sorta funky but I hope it wears off.
Thursday (17th)morning we dropped off little Dexter at the kennel, and headed to Bryan to pick up Pamela and drive as far as Little Rock, AR. One of our favorite hotels is the Hampton so I booked the Hampton on the edge of downtown. So far we haven't had a bad room or experience and we weren't disappointed this time either. For dinner we walked about 3-4 blocks and grabbed some Chicago style pizza at a place I think called Giannini's or something like that. I was only able to eat one piece but boy was it good.  Pamela and David ate my share. I wonder if we can find pizza like this in Houston area
Friday morning we headed to Jackson, MO for our nephew Jeremiah's wedding. This will be the first time Everyone will be together in I don't know how long. It was so much fun and it was so good to see the Missouri family.

This is my sister Barb and my Dad. She decided it was more comfy to plop down in Dad's chair/lap than draggin up another chair. He didn't seem to mind really.
Do notice the sign just to the left of my Dad's elbow.. You can see the Qu and all the zzzzz's. Well it said "Quiet ZZZZone begins at 10pm. It was about 9:40pm when we got back from the rehearsal dinner. The lady at the front desk was not happy with us but we weren't being loud and we stretched out the family reunion till about 10:40pm before she made a comment to us. You wanna talk about loud you should have heard the lady chasing her 4 kids for most of our stay. Now she was yelling. 
 First I'll share a picture of my Dad and me. 

The new Mr and Mrs Kasinger! I had to share the picture to the right. They both got so tickled when Melissa started to repeat the vows, stopped, turned to the preacher and said "What did you say?"

Melissa my new niece had the most unique and awesome idea for a guest book. Every guest put a finger print on the tree and signed it.

 Here's my sisters and me.
Nancy, Barb, Jerri Lynn (it's all about her since she's the mother of the groom) and me. 
 David got our dad in the picture.  I think he's enjoying all the attention what do you think.

Hey where's Carolyn? She needs to be in here.
Okay now the family photo is complete.  
We are Family. 
Thanks for taking the picture David.
Do you know how hard it is to get this many people in a picture and it turn out. Okay so maybe it was almost 11pm and everyone was tired and giddy. If you'd like to see all the pictures from rehearsal through the wedding click HERE.
Sunday morning it was time to go our separate ways. Sob sob. The newlyweds actually stayed in our hotel and we were able to see them off. Too cute. I always get so teary eyed when I have to say good-bye to everyone. I'm choked up now just thinking about that day. They're all coming to Texas next time. 
So David, I and Pamela hope in the car and head off to Memphis, TN and for and Elvis sighting. Okay maybe not Elvis but maybe stop and tour Graceland.
 We took in as many sights as we could while we were there. Like Sun Studios where all the great legends began. We even got David to pose behind the microphone that Elvis used and many other greats when recording.

We went to Gibson's guitar manufacturer but we didn't make it to the Peabody Hotel to see the Ducks want the red carpet every morning and evening. That would have been a sight so maybe next time. We also hit Beale Street for dinner and live music. Even on Monday night the streets were packed and so was the bar we had stopped at to have a beer and listen to some jazz music.  For more pictures you can click here. It was fun and relaxing.
For the last leg of our trip we headed to Bossier City, LA 
Got up Tuesday and headed out to gamble for the night. On the recommendation of our friends the Harper's we stayed at the
Horseshoe Casino and Hotel. Very nice place. So we each went in with our small stake to gamble with high hopes of winning big. Okay stop laughing but I did win $256 on the penny machine the first hour on a $10 stake. Not a bad profit. That's where my luck ended. By the time the night was over I had lost that and my stake at Black Jack but I did play for almost 2 hours. David came back with most of what he started with. Pamela was able to give us back the money we gave her to play with and come home with her winnings.  It was enough to pay for Sophie's stay at the kennel and dinner that night when we got back to Bryan on Wednesday. 
We got back home in time to pick up Dexter who was quite happy be home on his end of the couch with his family.  
We try to squeeze in as much fun as we can when we take off like this. David and I took the rest of the week off. Quality time. Yes the man actually took off from work but has gone back to the long days since.
I've rambled on enough for now so I'll sign off and leave something for my next post.

Until the next post...... I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too. So we're really not that different me and you. ~ Colin Raye



Jeanette said...

Looks like you all had a ball! And your puppy is adorable!

Suzy said...

Hi Carla,I so enjoying hearing about your family, friends, travel and celebrations! What fun! So are you done for the school year or do you work during the summer too?

Art and Sand said...

You are less of a wimp than me. About 3 sips into a margarita I have a buzz and am dancing on the table. About the time I left my retirement party (a private home), they were bringing out the tequila shots and I heard lots of crazy rumors. Everyone's story was, "hey, it's been a tough school year".

Sounds like you had fun with your family.

Linda said...

What a great post!! You DO know how to have FUN! It was nice to see the pic of you and your mom.

Handywoman said...

Wow, I'm envious! I could use a great holiday like this. Family and friends, well there is nothing better than that!javascript:void(0) Awesome post!