Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving Sucks! Disaster Avoided!

What was I thinking? Trying to move in triple digit weather!
So we found a 1 1/2 story foreclosure house with the gameroom being up. It was a blank slate in and out. Sits on 1.31 acres so David can plant a real garden next spring. All the walls were apartment white and there's very little landscaping. Click here to see the before pictures.  The lack of landscaping was hard to take after all of David's hard work at the other house but David's mind is already working on a plan. Prior to moving in we did have the entire house painted. I'll post pictures of changes after I get some boxes put away. Things are a little messy right now.
I say we're in the country A friend says we're in the suburbs. Now I say you don't have horses neighing, cows mooing, turtles, ducks, geese in your yard, or how about the rooster I've heard that last few mornings when I'm leaving for work. Pamela saw a fox as she was coming home from work Thursday night and Sunday we saw plenty of deer in peoples front lawns.

Sounds like country to me. Green Acres is the place to be. Only nothing is very green right now with the heat and lack of rain.

Our plan was to get the new home fixed up prior to moving in and while waiting for our Lakewood home to sell. We had no idea that we would have 3-4 offers in less than 10 days of going on the market. Closing was scheduled for the 29th and we were to be out of the house 48 hours later. We packed like crazy people so when the movers arrived on Thursday they moved furniture and boxes. By mid afternoon that day we got the call that we wouldn't be closing due to a glitch with the buyers lender.
We moved to the new home with no microwave, beat up driveway, no sidewalks, a dryer that needs to be converted to propane, no kitchen faucet, a dishwasher that's ify, couldn't drink the well water until it was tested internet and no cable. Then 2 days after moving only 1 (the one upstairs of course) out of 4 toilets were working. Had to call the plumber and the septic guy. All this happened when some friends came by to visit.  What a welcome.
Good news is we now have 4 new pretty toilets, water test finally came back and we can drink the water (yippee now if we only had an ice maker), David bought and installed a new kitchen faucet so we have running water, the dishwasher works, we can now watch TV as of yesterday but still don't have internet or a home phone. Maybe by tonight we'll have internet.
Going to bed at midnight or later, getting up betweeen 5:45 and 7am, and not eating until after 8:30pm is driving us all nutz. And I'm feeling my age. Actually I'm feeling about double my age.
We still have to finish moving that last 2% to move out of the old house but until the glitch with the buyers has been worked out I think we'll focus on unpacking some boxes.

While the plumber was there installing the toilets David asked him to check out the water flow to the various faucets and the tempurature settings. You could turn the hot water on full blast but it never really got hot so up to the attic they go to check on the 2 water heaters.

 OMG. This is what they found!  Can you say FIRE?! 
The flame was melting the plastic around the drain valve and that's black soot going up the side. Needless to say the heater was shut down immediately. The 2nd heater won't stay lite so he had to order a part that we hope fixes the problem. Cross your fingers! No hot water for the night but the plumber came back next morning and put in the 1 new water heater and we have to wait on the part for the 2nd heater.
Okay life is moving forward and all this shall pass.. And Jupiter aligns with Mars.then peace will guide the planet......oops sorry I was thinking of the song Aquarius....
Now we just need to hear when we can close on the sale of our old house. Should know by no later than Wednesday at midnight. 

Until next time~ To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping ~   Chinese Proverb  
✿.•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. .•*¨Be Happy``•..•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. ✿  
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Linda Chapman said...

Bless your heart! We all KNEW you would shiny new toilets ASAP!!! I think it is totally AMAZING what you have already accomplished while continuing to WORK FULL TIME and in this DREADFUL HEAT!! You ARE in the country!! As country as you probably really want to be! Love the fact you get to hear nature!

Deb and Mandy said...

Sounds like you have earned some good karma. All of that was nuts! Hope things even out!